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Welcome to the AICON for Kids Registration Page:

Please complete the following in order to ensure you're child will receive a craft kit for the twelve days of the AICON event. Parents who register their children ensure that kids are busy with activities so they can watch the grown-up AICON zoom sessions with less distraction.


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Please enter some basic information about yourself (parent/guardian):
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What geographical region do you live in? (This will help us ensure you get the crafts for AICON 2021).

Note that you will be able to pickup crafts at the Mountain View Japanese SDA church. If you can't come in person (e.g. you live in southern California), we'll mail them to you.

We look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any additional questions please email the director of the AICON for Kids, Dan Myers.

  • Call or text Dan Myers at 310-980-7307
  • Email: