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Are you in San Diego for the huge ESRI User's Conference already? Why not join this 3-hour Data Quality Jump-start class in order to learn how to improve your ability to identify poor data quality, explain the impact of poor data quality, and prevent poor data quality?

The instructor of this class- Dan Myers (IQCP, MBA)- teaches his DQ Jump-start class internationally, and now you can use leverage these resources within a GIS context. In this class you'll learn about the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality and how they enable you to communicate DQ expectations, resolve issues faster and most importantly, prevent issues before they happen.

Course Cost: $250 (Registrant's will be invoiced via email)

Course Objective:

  1. Introduce the value of the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality
    1. Dimensions
    2. Underlying Concepts
    3. Example Metrics
  2. Explain available DQ detection, control, and improvement technics and associated dimensions of DQ
  3. Enable participants to build their own DQ rules and metrics faster and more consistently using reusable Underlying Concepts

Course Content:

  • Hands on exercises include real data models and best practice DQ metrics created by the IQ International sponsored DQ Metrics working groups.
  • Case studies come from four industries Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking and Telecommunications but are applicable to many more.
  • Case Studies include data profiling results and examples of other DQ control techniques.
  • Participants are provided access to data, examples and templates used during the session, and are encouraged to reuse them afterwards.
  • Data profiling results may be provided using various software tools in order to compare and contrast when/why to use a tool and desirable feature sets of widely used tools.

Course Format:

  • 30% Conversational Lecture-geared to quickly provide information and answer questions
  • 20% Review of examples and practice communicating DQ issues
  • 30% Hands-on Application and Discussion of Conformed Dimensions’ DQ Metrics
  • 20% Review of Real-world Data Profiling Results and Remediation Options


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Sunday 7-July 1pm-4pm
Monday 8-July 1pm-4pm
Tuesday 9-July 1pm-4pm
Wednesday 10-July 1pm-4pm
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Friday 12-July 1pm-4pm
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