DAMA Kansas City- Data Quality Jump-start Using the Conformed Dimensions


Registration for Dan Myers' course, DQ Jumpstart- Using the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality

A 2018 Survey found that less than 3% of Companies are measuring all of the dimensions of data quality! Your company can learn how to communicate, measure, and improve data quality faster using the Conformed Dimensions.

Course Location:
This course will be provided in partnership with the Kansas City DAMA chapter, the morning of September 26th, at Kansas University- Edwards Campus, BEST Building Room #120, 12600 Quivira Road, Overland Park, KS 66213. Registration is $200 for the DQ Jumpstart. In the afternoon Dan Myers will be presenting on the topic of "Real World DQ Using the Conformed Dimensions of DQ" to the full chapter. DAMA members who have a paid membership from April 2019 through March 2020 may attend at no charge.  Guests are welcome to attend for a $35 fee (registration here).

Course Audience:
Data savvy individuals that like to get dirty in the data. Individuals may have experience querying, profiling, conducting root cause analysis, DQ rule and metric creation in the past (not required but nice to have).

Course Objective:
1. Establish common DQ vocabulary using the 11 Conformed Dimensions and 37 Underlying Concepts
2. Communicate list of DQ detection, control, and improvement technics and associated with each of the Conformed Dimensions and how to use them
3. Enable participants to build their own DQ rules and metrics faster and more consistently using reusable DQ building blocks discussed

Aclaim for the DQ Jumpstart from Attendees:

  • "Discussing the dimensions using simple real world examples made a big difference. The underlying concepts of the conformed dimensions puts meat on the bones of how you measure data quality."

For more information, view the Course Guide here

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