May 2020 Virtual DQ Jumpstart

A recent Survey found that less than 3% of Companies are measuring all the dimensions of data quality! Those are things like Completeness, Accuracy, Validity...etc. In this 3.5-4hr class we'll identify existing definitions for the Dimensions of Data Quality (DAMA, ISO, Redman, English…etc.) and then identify the similarity and gaps in order to identify what a set of Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality look like.

Then we’ll insert real-world examples of poor data quality using these Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality. These include business KPIs of importance, such as:
• Cost Impact- Poor Data Quality Leads to High Cost
• Sales/ Revenue Impact- Poor Data Quality Leads to Decreased Sales
• Customer Experience- Poor DQ Leads to Decreased Experience

With this conceptual basis, we then look at a few datasets to illustrate some of the underlying concepts of the Conformed Dimensions. Next we cover data quality improvement techniques used by practitioners. We cover a list of 16 DQ improvement techniques from 5 categories.

Each includes an example and explanation for use.
1. Validation Techniques (3)
2. Completeness and Consistency Techniques (4)
3. Data Profiling Techniques (4)
4. Human Directed Audit Techniques (3)
5. Human Input Techniques (2)

Each attendee will receive a DQ technique to Conformed Dimension grid so that they can quickly identify candidate techniques for improvement after DQ issue identification.

The instructor of this class- Dan Myers (IQCP, MBA)- teaches his DQ Jump-start class internationally. Dan is the founding steward of the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality and blogger at

Course Objective:

  1. Introduce the value of the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality
    1. Dimensions
    2. Underlying Concepts
    3. Example Metrics
  2. Explain available DQ detection, control, and improvement technics and associated dimensions of DQ
  3. Enable participants to build their own DQ rules and metrics faster and more consistently using reusable Underlying Concepts
Course Format:
  • 50% Conversational Lecture-geared to quickly provide information and answer questions
  • 30% Review of examples and practice communicating DQ issues
  • 15% Hands-on Application and Discussion of Conformed Dimensions’ DQ Metrics
  • 5% Review of Real-world Data Profiling Results and Remediation Options

Registration Details:

Brand New Channel- We're Doing the Course Via Zoom on these Dates:

Course Cost:

  • US$250 (Registrant's will be invoiced via email after registration)


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