“DAMA” Vancouver Data Management Day (REGISTRATION CLOSED)

We are very excited to announce that this event has reached capacity. The following is information about the event, but we are NO LONGER ACCEPTING REGISTRATIONS. You may leave your contact details to be added to a future DAMA Vancouver or DQMatters event.

‘Soon-to-be’ DAMA Vancouver has an exciting data day coming up on May 17th with topics ranging from good karma through data, data management trends, Blockchain Smart Contracts and getting a jumpstart on Data Quality Improvement with Conformed Dimensions.

The meeting will be in our usual venue in the morning (26th floor Deloitte) and the afternoon session is tentatively booked in a meeting room in the same location.

Morning Session: 8:30-Noon (FREE for Everyone)

8:55-9:00 Gordon - Brief update on our progress towards starting a DAMA Vancouver chapter.

9:00-9:15 DataForGood VancouverPeter Kim, founder of DfG, will give an overview of this innovative idea for crowdsourcing volunteer data scientists to solve community issues.

Data For Good is a collective of data scientists, programmers, engineers, and data enthusiasts, aimed at using their skills and talents for good—to help make communities better through data and empower change makers to realize their goals for a better society. We accomplish this by providing pro bono data analytics services to registered charities, non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations. Our aim is to unlock the hidden insights within their data assets so that they can support their strategic planning activities and improve operational efficiency.

9:15-10:20 Current State of Data Management Practice and How We Got Here - Marco de Oliveira - Senior Manager of Enterprise Architecture and Information Management at Rocky Mountaineer.

Marco will be talking about the current data management landscape, covering the transactional and analytical worlds with some insights on the current state of data managements practice and how we got here. Through practical examples, Marco will also speak about how to deal with challenges on implementing effective data management programs, covering technical, communication, culture and business aspects.

10:20-10:30 Coffee & Muffins (Thanks Deloitte)

10:30-11:50 How Blockchain and Smart Contracts Can Improve Data Quality – Dan Myers, fresh from presenting Blockchain & DQ to DAMA Japan, will share those insights in the morning and then in the afternoon he will present a course on how to Jumpstart DQ Improvement with Conformed Dimensions (see below).

This morning presentation is an exciting look at Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Attendees will walk away able to explain how these technologies facilitate improved data quality.

Blockchain as a distributed ledger concept offering:
+Transparency while also ensuring security and privacy
+Distributed peer-to-peer network participants with no single point of failure
+Consistent and validated transactions with full lineage and integrity built in
+Possibility to use Smart Contracts- or digitized agreements between parties for specific transactions

This presentation will provide a basic explanation about how blockchain concepts work including:
1. Security/privacy and cryptography, Architecture (Peer-to-peer vs distributed systems), Data structures and Hash values within the blockchain transactions.
2. Then we step through relevant dimensions of data quality that apply to the blockchain and smart contract concepts and how we expect them to improve data quality.
3. Lastly, we'll discuss what data management professionals can and cannot expect of blockchain implementations regarding data quality, metadata management, and trust/security.

Afternoon Session ($200 pre-registration): Simple Lunch for folks who signed up for the Afternoon course.

1:00-4:00 Data Quality Improvement Jumpstart with the Conformed Dimensions (Brochure)

Interview: Check out Gordon's Interview of Dan Myers Regarding this Afternoon Session

Course Audience:
Data savvy individuals that like to get dirty in the data. Individuals may have experience querying, profiling, conducting root cause analysis, DQ rule and metric creation in the past (not required but nice to have).

Course Objective:

  1. Quickly level set with participants regarding DQ vocabulary and value of using the Conformed Dimensions
  2. Explain available DQ detection, control, and improvement technics and associated dimensions of DQ
  3. Enable participants to build their own DQ rules and metrics faster and more consistently using reusable DQ building blocks

Course Content:

  • Hands on exercises include real data models and best practice DQ metrics created by the IQ International sponsored DQ Metrics working groups.
  • Case studies come from four industries Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking and Telecommunications but are applicable to many more.
  • Case Studies include data profiling results and examples of other DQ control techniques.
  • Participants are provided access to data, examples and templates used during the session, and are encouraged to reuse them afterwards.
  • Data profiling results may be provided using various software tools in order to compare and contrast when/why to use a tool and desirable feature sets of widely used tools.

Course Format:

  • 30% Conversational Lecture-geared to quickly provide information and answer questions
  • 20% Review of examples and practice communicating DQ issues
  • 30% Hands-on Application and Discussion of Conformed Dimensions’ DQ Metrics
  • 20% Review of Real-world Data Profiling Results and Remediation Options

Course Brochure

Speaker Bios:

  1. Peter Kim, Peter is a former broadcast and data journalist, and currently the Strategic Communications Manager for the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition, a policy advocacy organization working to support the development of progressive drug policy grounded in science and guided by public health principles, and respect for human rights. He is also the co-founder of Data for Good Vancouver and a part-time instructor at VCC.

  2. Marco de Oliveira, Marco is Senior Manager of Enterprise Architecture and Information Management at Rocky Mountaineer. Marco comes with over two decades of experience in IT, always on data-centric positions, such as Database Administrator, Lead Data Architect, Technical Project Lead, Manager and Director, leading data management/governance practices in the organization. He has worked in the government, insurance, banking, mobility, software, consulting and travel industries in large scale organizations such as ICBC, HSBC, CapGemini and Telecom Italia Mobile. He has a Masters in Computer Science and is PMP certified.  Marco has also spent time working as a professor and was the Information Systems academic department chair.

  3. Dan Myers, Dan is Principal Info Quality Educator at DQMatters- an eLearning organization focused on Information Quality training and consulting. Dan speaks internationally on topics of Information Quality, Blockchain, Data Governance, and Metadata Management.

    In previous roles Dan has managed business intelligence teams, and lead architecture reviews of data management tools and implemented associated governance programs. In his role at Farmers Insurance, he authored the Finance led data governance policies for integration/sourcing, metadata, and data quality. Previously Dan has worked as an independent Oracle Certified Professional consultant in both front and back-end development capacities.

    Dan is the President of IQ International (iqint.org), focused on educating professionals worldwide. Dan's fluency in Japanese enabled him to work in both the public and private sector in Japan. Dan received his MBA from the U.S.C. Marshall School of Business in 2009.


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