DQ Jumpstart- Tokyo 2019 Registration

DQ Jumpstart - Using the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality

  • Date: November 13th, 8am-5pm
  • Location: Tokyo (Kanda area- details provided to attendees)
  • Cost: US$300 or 34,000 Yen.

In today's fast paced data-driven age, it's important to have high quality data in order to compete on the basis of better service, customer retention and innovative products. To do this, your organization must skillfully manage its data, and more specifically its data. Unfortunately, a recent Survey found that less than 3% of Companies are measuring all the dimensions of data quality and only 60% use any set of dimensions! Those are things like Completeness, Accuracy, Validity...etc, which are used to categorize data quality issues and communicate expectations.

In the diagram below, you can see the industry usage of each dimension.

In this class we step through the proposed industry standard set of Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality. Then, with this conceptual basis, we discuss 16 real-world data quality improvement techniques used by practitioners across 5 important categories.

Each includes an example and explanation for use.
1. Validation Techniques (3)
2. Completeness and Consistency Techniques (4)
3. Data Profiling Techniques (4)
4. Human Directed Audit Techniques (3)
5. Human Input Techniques (2)

This will enable your organization to masterfully control the quality of data coming into your company, being used within the company to make decisions and even data provided to customers, regulators, and partners. The full course description is available on DQMatters.com here. This course will be presented in both English and Japanese (Consecutive Interpretation), so come and enjoy a very multi-cultural learning experience.

Why should you attend? Because you'll learn how to communicate data quality issues that impact your business such as:

  1. Cost Impact- Poor Data Quality Leads to High Cost
  2. Sales/ Revenue Impact- Poor Data Quality Leads to Decreased Sales
  3. Customer Experience- Poor DQ Leads to Decreased Experience

All attendees receive the following:

Groups of five get the sixth attendee free!


About the Instructor: Dan Myers, MBA, IQCP

Dan founded the Conformed Dimensions of Data Quality (CDDQ) in 2013. More on the stewardship of the CDDQ standard here.

Dan Myers is Principal Information Quality Educator of DQMatters.com, his own company, focused on providing consulting, on-site training and Web-based eLearning materials. Previously, Dan has worked as an applications developer, data modeler, and manager of data governance/data quality. Dan is a frequent speaker at various data management and business conferences both in the US and abroad.


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